I am a single male who worships Jesus Christ, the everliving God. I am not prejudiced against any other religion, people or sect.

I believe that the keys to deciphering the end times lie within the pages of the Bible and other holy texts such as the Quran (Koran) and the Torah.

You will find frequent grammatical errors on this page. I apologize in advance. I am only an amateur voicing my personal opinion and thoughts, nothing more.

May God bless you and keep you safe.

  1. I like the picture you have on your site with a Dove and the 7 gifts of the holy spirit. Can you tell me if it is copyrighted. I’ve looked everywhere on the web to see if anyone sells it. I thought perhaps catholiccompany.com but when I search their site, I see it was posted in a blog and not in their catalog. If you know if there is a fee for using it in a bulletin board at our parish please let me know via email.


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