I have been crying for the past hour or so, while praying the rosary on behalf of my family. I did so because I saw this video:

You can hear the people in hell screaming! Screaming just like they do on TV when the news shows a natural disaster as it occurs, or during a tragedy like 9/11. The first thing that people say is “OH MY GOD!!!!” (save me!).

But in Hell God cannot hear you. Hell is devoid of God. BUT ON EARTH HE CAN HEAR YOU!

This is the trick of the devil. To make you think God has abandoned you on earth because of your sins. NOT TRUE!

Anyone can still be saved. SO… can you imagine your poor Mother or Father in hell? Your relatives? Even your enemies? IT IS ETERNAL!.

Please pray for my soul, that The Blessed virgin Mary will save me from hell. (So that I can in turn save my parents and family).

I promise I will do the same for you.

God Bless you.


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