An Old Evil ; A New One World Religion

Saint Paul writes in

2 Thessalonians 2:11-17

the following:

NLT – “For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie” and (NAS version added  for clarification) “For this reason God will send upon them a deluding influence so that they will believe what is false,.

All Biblical scholars acknowledge that there will be a great deception in the End Times (the apocalypse). The question we must ask ourselves is, what deception could be so great as to deceive the elect? Matthew 24:24 states: “For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.”

To pursue this in a logical fashion we must follow the example of more intelligent and learned minds that went before us. Biblical scholars teach that we must unlock the meanings of eschatological prophecy by contrasting them with earlier, similar writings and prophecies made from other Holy men who were directed by God. For example, The book of revelation is often contrasted with the writings of the prophets Daniel and Ezekiel.

So, in like fashion, I will provide evidence for my conclusions based on the writings of the past. How will the great apostasy deceive so many people, that even the elect themselves might be tempted (But through the grace of God never fall victim) to fall for the deception? We must look to the old heresies and pagan gods of the past to unlock the secrets of the future. To this point, I present The Cult of Cybele



Cybele the Phrygian Fertility Goddess, Great Mother, Dindymene, Agdistis, Kubaba

If you click the link I provided above, you will see that I am not the only one who has made the connection between the demon of Cybele, (meaning “Mother of the Mountain” (Kubileya) in Phrygian), her son Attis and the great deception. The goal of the New world religion will be to blur the lines between genders and eradicate the male and female identities until BOTH are female / gender neutral. You may see this as the homosexual and transsexual agendas, alive and well in modern day culture. A student of history might stop me here and point out that the cults of cybele and attis were well known for their orgies and madness. This is where a careful study of Montanism and the link to the new testament comes into play. I will elaborate more on this later but for now let’s read about the history of this cult.

During the second Punic War, Hannibal was having much success subduing towns and villages in Italy and was approaching Rome. The Senate consulted the Sybilline Books and learned that, should a foreign enemy invade Italy, he could be deterred only if the worship of the “Mother of Mount Ida” were brought to Rome.
Always ones to hedge their bets, the Romans sent a delegation to the oracle at Delphi. A treaty was made with Philip V of Macedon and he permitted the Romans to bring back to Rome both the statue and a black meteorite that personified the divine Cybele.”

I find it fascinating that the personification of this demon came in the form of a black meteorite. The KAABA, the supposed resting place / house of God from the Islamic religion, in the city Mecca, is also made of a black meteorite. (Note: Wikipedia can be edited by ANYONE, hence the note therein that the origin of the stone being a black meteorite is “uncertain”. This is disinfo.)

Is there a connection? Well I will leave that to the more conspiratorial minded readers among us to decide. It’s worth noting however the similarities and stark fanaticism  between the two ancient religions are very well documented. A fanatical follower of the demon Cybele named Cathryn Platine on her website states that “The Cybele CULT was the first of the mystery religions.” This quote is paraphrased by me not only because she shows too much reverence to the demon, but because she also threatens to sue anyone who infringes upon her copyright claims. Quite telling of her fanatical mindset.

Another source states the following: (Conspiracy minded note: the end of the aforementioned URL: aa110999Cybele.htm has a reverse 666 placed within it as a subliminal mark of the beast)

Cybele in Rome

When the Second Punic War appeared to be going against the Romans, they consulted their chief oracular tool, the Sibylline Books, which told them that they needed the Great Mother at Rome if they wanted Hannibal to leave the peninsula. In 204, a black stone was shipped from Phrygia to Ostia and brought to Rome where it was worshiped as the Great Mother or Cybele and especially celebrated at the Ludi Megalenses.

The modern day, false apparition of medjugorje has an almost identical synapse and tone in regards to this ancient demon’s supposed messages. See here how she is quoted when speaking to this pagan king:

…following the instructions of the Sibyl at Cumae and the Oracle at Delphi. It is said that when the king at first refused the favour to the Roman envoys, the voice of the goddess herself was heard saying these prophetic words:

“It was my own will that they should send for me … let me go, it is my wish. Rome is a place meet to be the resort of every god.”

Contrast this with the following heretical message from Medjugorje:

“Before God all the faiths are identical.  God governs them like a king in his kingdom.”

But let us get to the meat of the matter. What was this cult all about?

Cybele’s religion was a bloody cult that required its priests and priestesses as well as followers to cut themselves during some rituals. The cult was a mystery religion, which meant that it’s inner secrets and practices were revealed to initiates only. The priests castrated themselves at their initiation; there was wild music, chanting, and frenzied dancing. Cybele’s retinue included many priestesses, including Amazonian, transgendered female priests as well as traditional masculine functionaries such as the dendrophori (tree-bearer) and cannophori (reed-bearer), and transgendered males known as the Gallae.

During the Republic and early Empire, festival days in March and April were celebrated with eunuchs preceding the goddess through the streets, banging cymbals and drums, wearing bright attire and heavy jewelry, their hair long and ‘greased’.

Priests and priestesses were segregated, their activities confined to their temples, and Roman citizens were not allowed to walk in procession with them. Neither Roman citizens nor their slaves were allowed to become priests or priestess in the cult. No native-born Roman citizen was to be allowed to dress in bright colors, beg for alms, walk the streets with flute players or worship the goddess in ‘wild Phrygian ceremonies’.

Attis was worshipped as the god of vegetation and fertility and was seen as consort of Cybele.

At its peek, the Cult of Cybele was rivaled only by that of Isis, and there were temples in all provinces of the Empire.

Cybele was a wife and consort of Attis, another  Phrygian god, who also can be seen as her son. Attis was the god of vegetation and fertility. Cybele was a friend of all. She fell in love with prince Attis, but their love-story was tragic. The intense love of the divine Cybele was too much for the mortal prince, and he went mad, castrated himself and died.

“In their very temples one may see scandalous performances, accompanied by the moaning of the throng: men letting themselves be handled as women, and flaunting with boastful ostentatiousness this ignominy of their impure and unchaste bodies. They parade their misdeeds in the public eye. … Next, being thus divorced from masculinity, they get intoxicated with the music of flutes and invoke their goddess to fill them with an unholy spirit so that they can ostensibly predict the future to fools. What sort of monstrous and unnatural thing is all this? They say they are not men, and indeed they aren’t; they want to pass as women.” [Firmicus: “The Error of Pagan Religions” 4.2]

Following the legend of the self emasculation of Attis, came the gallic practice of of self emasculation. There is significant evidence that males made themselves into eunuchs and that it was an essential aspect to their religion. Such ministerial eunuchism has been a common practice in many goddess rituals throughout history. The act of self emasculation had several purposes, one of which was that it helped the gallus transcend gender altogether. This belief was shared with one faction of the Gnostic movement, the Naassenes, as exemplified in the following text:

 “When you make the male and female one and the same, so that the male not be male nor the female …. then you will enter the Kingdom.” [W. Roscoe, “Priests of the Goddess: Gender Transgression in Ancient Religion.” History of Religions 35 (1996)]

So we see a very old evil displayed before us. How did this crafty old demon, this succubi if you will, decide to turn her old deranged gallic rituals of transgender and madness into a new-world religion? For this we must turn our attention to the early-Church heresy of :


The sect was founded by a prophet, Montanus, and two prophetesses, Maximilla and Prisca, sometimes called Priscilla.

Montanus was a recent convert when he first began to prophesy in the village of Ardabau in Phrygia. He is said by Saint Jerome to have been previously a priest of Cybele. (The source dissembles this conclusion by saying that St. Jerome did not likely say this, but they have no evidence to support their conjectures. Montanus is clearly influenced by the demons which entered into him from the gallic ceremonies {Possession})

The same prophetic gift was believed to have descended also upon his two companions, the prophetesses Maximilla and Prisca or Priscilla. Their headquarters were in the village of Pepuza. The anonymous opponent of the sect describes the method of prophecy (Eusebius, V, xvii, 2-3): first the prophet appears distraught with terror (en parekstasei), then follows quiet (adeia kai aphobia, fearlessness); beginning by studied vacancy of thought or passivity of intellect (ekousios amathia), he is seized by an uncontrollable madness (akousios mania psyches). The prophets did not speak as messengers of God: “Thus saith the Lord,” but described themselves as possessed by God and spoke in His Person. “I am the Father, the Word, and the Paraclete,” said Montanus (Didymus, “De Trin.”, III, xli); and again: “I am the Lord God omnipotent, who have descended into to man”, and “neither an angel, nor an ambassador, but I, the Lord, the Father, am come” (Epiphanius, “Hær.”, xlviii, 11). And Maximilla said: “Hear not me, but hear Christ” (ibid.); and: “I am driven off from among the sheep like a wolf [that is, a false prophet–cf. Matthew 7:15]; I am not a wolf, but I am speech, and spirit, and power.” This possession by a spirit, which spoke while the prophet was incapable of resisting, is described by the spirit of Montanus: “Behold the man is like a lyre, and I dart like the plectrum. The man sleeps, and I am awake” (Epiphanius, “Hær.”, xlviii, 4). We hear of no false doctrines at first. The Paraclete ordered a few fasts and abstinences; the latter were strict xerophagioe, but only for two weeks in the year, and even then the Saturdays and Sundays did not count (Tertullian, “De jej.”, xv). Not only was virginity strongly recommended (as always by the Church), but second marriages were disapproved. Chastity was declared by Priscilla to be a preparation for ecstasy: “The holy [chaste] minister knows how to minister holiness. For those who purify their hearts [reading purificantes enim corda, by conjecture for purificantia enim concordal] both see visions, and placing their head downwards (!) also hear manifest voices, as saving as they are secret” (Tertullian, “Exhort.” X, in one manuscript). It was rumored, however, that Priscilla had been married, and had left her husband. Martyrdom was valued so highly that flight from persecution was disapproved, and so was the buying off of punishment. “You are made an outlaw?” said Montanus, “it is good for you. For he who is not outlawed among men is outlawed in the Lord. Be not confounded. It is justice which hales you in public. Why are you confounded, when you are sowing praise? Power comes, when you are stared at by men.” And again: “Do not desire to depart this life in beds, in miscarriages, in soft fevers, but in martyrdoms, that He who suffered for you may be glorified” (Tertullian, “De fuga”, ix; cf. “De anima”, lv). Tertullian says: “Those who receive the Paraclete, know neither to flee persecution nor to bribe” (De fuga, 14), but he is unable to cite any formal prohibition by Montanus.

Let us concentrate on a few very relevant passages taken from above. These heretics spoke of Christ but bore a very NEW-AGE philosophy (And theosophic as well I might add) in their discourse:

The prophets did not speak as messengers of God: “Thus saith the Lord,” but described themselves as possessed by God and spoke in His Person. “I am the Father, the Word, and the Paraclete,” said Montanus. “I am the Lord God omnipotent, who have descended into to man”

They were God himself?  Yet they subdued and seduced many Christians with their talk of chastity and purity:

Chastity was declared by Priscilla to be a preparation for ecstasy: “The holy [chaste] minister knows how to minister holiness. For those who purify their hearts –“

The next part of the quote cements the notion that these people were possessed of a legion of demons:

“–both see visions, and placing their head downwards also hear manifest voices, as saving as they are secret

And finally, the kicker which references Gnostic heresies

“The spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets.” Montanus declared: “The Lord hath sent me as the chooser, the revealer, the interpreter of this labor, this promise, and this covenant, being forced, willingly or unwillingly, to learn the gnosis of God.”

Thus the female demon, masquerading as a spirit of God found a new way to win converts over to her religion. I believe that this Heresy and cult will be “reborn” as it were in the end times. This supposed mother Goddess, this demon under the false title of Magna Mater is a tool of satan who will be called forth to lead many faithful away from the glory of Our Lord Jesus Christ. We have seen that in the past, they are not afraid to blaspheme the Lord Jesus and his holy saints at every opportunity while masquerading their efforts to subdue the world under the mask of Christianity.

For the sake of brevity I will end this post here. I encourage you however, faithful reader, to research the history of Montanism and put the pieces of the puzzle together for yourself. Anyone can plainly see how the contemptible heresy of referring to Our Lord God, the Creator, better known as THE FATHER, as a female deity, has been promulgated in modern times just as it was in Cybele and Montanus’s day.

Look at the movie “a very merry Muppet Christmas Movie” which uses Whoopie Goldberg, to represent GOD! This is a foul HERESY! A children’s movie designed to warp the minds of young children promulgating the heresies of ancient Rome and early Christianity is a true sacrilege!

But enough …I have said enough. God bless you all, and please be wary of any new-age religious rhetoric that you come across. Always keep in mind this quote from Acts 4:12…

“Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.”!


That name, is the Holy name of



You have been warned.


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