The Divine Mercy of Jesus Christ

Lately I have been discussing God’s wrath. I have been focusing on it in my personal life. This is WRONG.

The reason why is not because we are all deserving of God’s justice but because thinking about wrath and by consequence, revenge was burdening my soul. It gave the Illuminati if you will and their servants the ammunition they needed to damn my soul to hell, my anger.

So this post is going to focus on God’s mercy. Now, when someone says or does something that offends me, I no longer try to hold it in or even to forgive it. I immediately call out for God’s mercy on all of us in my thoughts and my interior prayer. In so doing I am automatically forgiving the person or situation, and at the same time I am taking my mind off the anger by virtue of my prayer.

I repeat this is NOT what satan and the illuminati want. They want people to be overweight, angry and perpetually irritated!

To precipitate this I have begun reciting the Chaplet of Divine mercy . I can say that it has helped me 1000%. It ESPECIALLY helped guard me while I slept.

If reciting the chaplet is not right for you, I suggest looking in the bible for passages that exemplify God’s mercy. Try writing them down to keep you focused and ensure that satan does not blind you to your situation (as he so often does with television and internet).

It is also important to note that in order to be free of the fear in our lives, I recommend TRUSTING in the mercy of Jesus Christ. In my case I found that going out of my comfort zone in order to pray with the elderly or help someone who needs a hand in the name of Jesus’s mercy works very well.

I am still trying to work out what is needful and what is not in my spiritual life. Specifically, what to do in the name of his God’s mercy and what constitutes being just a busy-body by wasting the precious silence of God.

Still, the best phrase that I can use to describe my current situation is the following: “Jesus I trust in you.”


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