Leviticus, sacrifices and our lives in suffering

I was told in the past that Leviticus is a “dry” book of the bible as it deals mainly with God’s rules and regulations for the Israelites out of bondage. But I found that it has great relevance to our lives today.

Because as you read this book, you see that God has a great need for sacrifices. He requests that the people sacrifice both great and small. High priests, rich or poor,  all had to offer sacrifices for their sins.

While reading I thought how we in today’s world could do the same to bring God joy and to atone for our mistakes. The fact is that every day people suffer in minute ways. Whether in irritation or in actual painful situations we suffer through the discomfiture of life. In some way shape or form these trivial annoyances add up. Or, in times of great tribulation, they bring us down. What can we do in order to give value to our suffering?

The idea here is to pray to God and say “Lord Jesus I offer you this suffering in redemption of my sins” or perhaps in redemption of others.

Someone has taken your parking spot? Offer it up to God. A marriage problem you are not sure how to resolve? Offer up your suffering to god and ask him to resolve the issue.


On a somewhat unrelated note:

Today is May 1st, a Satanic holiday. I denounce Satan. I deny him and all of his works. And in lieu of anger or hate I offer up my suffering to Jesus Christ.

I refuse to believe that my life has no value. My suffering is valuable if I offer it to God. So I am sharing my insights to all of you in the hopes that it will help you.

May God bless you and keep you safe on this day that evil celebrates it’s own pride and folly.


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