Satanism, Secularism, Paganism and Wicca.

There are spiritual warriors out there whom know what I mean when I say that the pagan ideals of ancient Rome, Greece and other nations are in direct correlation with satanic ideals. “Live for today, for tomorrow you die” and “Do as thou wilt” are the same phrases used in different cultures and settings.

The idea for 300, the movie about Sparta, was absolutely satanic. It espoused the virtue of cruelty without mercy. The Pagan / satanic axiom that “ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE” was shown time and time again. The idea that children rule over their elders at a young age and show strength of will (cold blooded / no emotion) is prevalent both in 300 and in Satanic ritual abuse (The hunger games anyone?). What you are not shown is that, where the movie stops SATANISTS CONTINUE! by making the children perform unspeakable acts where they kill animals, harm innocents, and are eventually led into killing people as human sacrifices (even cannibalism).

This is called Satanic ritual abuse. They make their children kill a small animal like a puppy or a kitten (or human baby). Then, to ease the child out of trauma, they take them to DISNEYLAND or some other vacation. Once the child heals from its handicap, they continue to force the child to perform unspeakable acts (and continue their vacations). Eventually the child grows and becomes hard, proud and “regrets nothing”. It sees the pain it endured as a “rite of passage” and they are told to feel PROUD of the fact that they had the will to do what many could not. In the name of their god Satan, they become cold blooded killers and psychopaths.

This idea transcribes itself to Secularism in the form of eugenics, Darwinism and other systems of thought that glorifies their ways of thinking and believing. They justify it all with the phrase “The end justifies the means” IT DOES NOT!

Wicca is just window dressing for harder-mainline paganism and satanism. I have seen videos where satanists proudly admit to throwing parties for wiccans and pagans as a means of “softening them up”and introducing them to a darker world. Like a gateway drug, the innocence of secular movies like Avatar introduces people to feel-good aesthetics.

I was hoping to find some videos on YT that touched on this but it seems that satan’s progeny has taken a clear interest in making sure no informative videos linking their pagan history to modern day satanism exists. It is the one and the same!

John Wayne Todd DOES talk about this and with enlightening detail.

God bless you.


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