Romans 11 : 8 “He has shut their eyes so they do not see”

Most satanists believe in “an eye for an eye” and moreover, they believe in doing 10x as much to their enemy.

But I have news for you sons and daughters of satan. Your father will lose.

His reign will be over in a blink of an eye. Think about it. Waiting for millennial for just a few scant years when God PERMITS Satan and their progeny to physically rule the world. The Lord God of the Just has the last and FINAL payback against you. Payback for all the lives you have destroyed. Payback for all of the souls you have corrupted. Payback for the mindless suffering you have caused through your actions both on the victims and the perpetrators.

Yes your time is coming soulless ones, but your reign will be all too brief.


Letter to the unclean ones:

Romans 11: 8 says

As the Scriptures say, “God has put them into a deep sleep. To this day he has shut their eyes so they do not see, and closed their ears so they do not hear.”

I give thanks to God because he allowed me to see the folly of my sinful life. I listened to the lies of the new-age movement. The lies satan spun were fine and looked like gold. I Deny satan and all of his works.

And now I pray that Jesus keep me close to him so that I am never allowed to be taken sway by their lies ever again. If my punishment is such that I must be persecuted by ye adulterous generation, then let Jesus be my guide and protection. Better that I should suffer here on earth than suffer in eternal damnation as you all are destined to do.

And make no mistake…anyone that follows the path set by satan and his followers is damned.

They that howl and jump for joy at another’s suffering.

Those that willingly take part in unholy communion with devils and demons.

They that pronounce themselves as masters over the earth and more evolved than the rest of humanity…

shall suffer the full cup of the Lord’s wrath!


I am a sinner and I am NOT a righteous man by my own reckoning. But God will Judge me just as he will Judge everyone else. The only difference here is this. I and many other Christians try to live our lives enough to merit God’s mercy (though we never can). While the rest are “Put in a deep sleep” by God and woe unto them that cannot waken to the sound of the true Shepard’s voice: Jesus Christ.

There are those that might argue that the Apostles were speaking of the days of ancient Christians and not to us today, they would be wrong. God is speaking to us through the Bible TO-Day as well as he did to the Christians of the past. That is the beauty of the Bible. Because Christians find the same problems in every era since recorded history. And how much more-so now that we are in the end times? Never has the bible had more to say about our communal lives than at this moment.


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