To whom do you give your sins?


Someone once told me “Give your sins to Jesus Christ and you will be saved, give your sins to satan and you will be destroyed”.

We all know that Jesus died for our sins. If we accept him as Lord and Savior then he is there at the end willing to vouch for us before God the Father, just as we vouched for him on earth.

In other words, our sins are negated NOT BY OUR OWN DOING but by his blood. Nothing we can do on earth can justify entrance into heaven. Only his Grace can do this.

Allow me to share a theory that goes something like this. If you accept Jesus then he takes your sins. What if by accepting satan ( because he does everything in reverse of God ) you take on the sins of satan?

If you accept satan and his works ( in baptismal rites a Christian says “I reject Satan and all of his works” ) then you are an accomplice after the fact! Everything satan does, horrible, miscreant, deviant and deadly as it is, is then tied to you. If you do NOT fight against what satan stands for and the things he forces, tricks and seduces people into doing then you are giving permission for it by omission of your own actions! “All it takes for evil to triumph is for Good men to do nothing”. The same is true here.

In essence you become satan and become one of his children. He is your father thereafter (unless you somehow repent).

Our choice here is clear. Kneel before Jesus and humbly accept him as Lord and savior. Jesus will then take your heavy burden, your luggage and sins and carry them to Calvary. That was his cross. That was his burden. Our sins forgiven by his blood.

But choose satan and expect your weight to be increased monumentally. You take part in the worst and suffer damnation with him.

Please… Choose Jesus Christ. Amen.


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