Targeted individuals: You are not orphans


In my encounters with the NWO I have been called many things. One pejorative which has special meaning for them is calling someone an orphan. It reaffirms their delusion that God does not exist and that their victims will never see justice in this world or the next. It also helps them to demoralize their targets into thinking they have no hope and that their Heavenly Father has “abandoned” them.


Because they can only think in terms that fit this world they have no true idea of the concept of faith and therefore cannot fathom that God can still be watching over us while their persecution continues.


Jesus Christ himself said in John 14:18 :

“I shall not leave you as orphans, for I shall come to you in a little while.”

We are not like them for our father is NOT satan. They think in terms that we are satan’s children that have been abandoned. This is not so because we never were satan’s own. If we were, we would not be fighting against him.

Jesus separated his chosen flock from birth. Mark this: God allows all things to continue but he will NEVER allow one child of his to be taken from their rightful place. Jesus Christ knows all his saints, martyrs and servants. “The sheep know their Shepard’s voice” and it is not satan. He may try to imitate Christ with words and false miracles but he can never deceive those that God has called as his own.

Whether we want to or not, it is not up to us. If God has chosen us then we can never betray him. All we must do is kneel, pray and thank Jesus for his mercy.

For I would wish to die a most horrible death before ever uttering one word against Jesus Christ. Not because of my own strength, for the best among us ( namely the apostle Peter ) denied Christ three times, but because I know God’s glory is made manifest in my weakness. I pray to Jesus with humility so that Christ will never abandon me or any of his chosen flock, ever.


It’s though his power and strength, not ours. Nothing in heaven, hell or earth can ever change that fact. Jesus Christ is the son of God.


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