I deny Satan and all of his works

DENY: /dɪˈnʌɪ/

▶verb (denies, denying, denied)

refuse to give (something requested or desired) to (someone).

Little more than this needs to be said. ALL Christians must continually deny Satan and stay faithful to Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ the one who died for our sins. Jesus Christ the Son of God.  Jesus Christ who lives and reigns in heaven.

I refuse and deny this world. I want no part of it. I want no part of its people or its pleasures. To those that do love me, I say love the Creator, the Father and Jesus Christ.  In His love we all share His blessings. Anyone that does not love Jesus Christ does not love me. And any who hates me only loves their father Satan.

Satan is the father of lies . Jesus himself said that his very LANGUAGE is lies. Think about that for a moment. The language they speak is that of the lie. It reminds me of the actor Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci speaking on the phone in the movie “Casino”. They used metaphors and allegories to set up a meeting between themselves when they knew federal agents were listening in on the conversation.

The mafia is an apt representation of satan and his people. They use lies to speak to one another and to avoid being discovered. They hide in the shadows striking out only in the most cowardly manner possible. They do not play honorably, they play dirty and they play to win.

Yet Jesus has already beaten them. He has already passed his judgment upon the world.

Let us stay true to the Lord God Jesus Christ. Our righteous fear of the Lord and our subsequent denial of satan may mean the loss of our lives, but we will never lose our souls.

We cannot lose them because they already belong to Jesus Christ and to no other.


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