Illuminati to the masses: Abandon all hope…


What is Hell? The classic viewpoint is that hell is a place where flames torture damned souls for eternity. Yet perhaps “fire” and “flames” are symbolic metaphors in relation to the context.

What do these metaphors represent? Well perhaps they stand for the things that we have done to one another (and to our animals). Things that have caused pain and grief without any compassion or remorse. Hell’s flames are  in essence: sins.  Sins that can no longer be released or forgiven.

And why? Simply put, hell is a place that is devoid of God, devoid of Jesus Christ and devoid of hope.

With no hope you cannot have any expectations for a better future or for a way out of your grief. Is it any wonder then that one of the chief aims of the NWO is to decry that God does not exist? Without God we have no hope for an afterlife. Other religious systems have men and women returning again and again to the earth. I don’t know about you… but once around on this hunk of rock is more than enough for me.

So the NWO wants humanity to invest ALL of its hope into the present world (since they have no hope of heaven they deny others also). They DEMAND that we look to ourselves as God. This affords them the opportunity to fully control us. There is no slave more perfect than the one who is ignorant of their own bondage (For example: ‘How can we be slaves when we are gods’?).

No God equals no hope and no hope equals perfect control. Belief in something outside of their new world order establishes a lack confidence in their system. And any doubt in their perfect system will mean a possible uprising against their ideals and their monstrous dystopia.

Their paradise will be a hell on earth


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