Buzek says “We are a united European Union”

Why should Americans or any citizen of any country for that matter, not living in Europe or Britain care about what happens at the euro-zone summits?

Well most people know that there is a global work in progress to form a one world government and that anyone who stands in their way risks being shot down.

Look at the BBC’s own phrase on the subject ”

BBC News – ‘If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu’

A curious phrase is it not? On the menu? Does it refer to cannibalism? Many victims of Satanic ritual abuse have reported the elite eating human flesh at their cabals.

If people worldwide would just open their eyes then they would see this for themselves. But there is hardly any real coverage in the U.S. about this. Even the internet is flooded with spurious issues ranging from Rick Perry’s commercials to other mindless drivel about celebrities.

No one is guarding the hen house and the wolves are about to have their way. ONLY Britain vetoed this resolution and the European Union says:

26 vs 1, we are a united European Union .

Why should people care? Well, because they are next.

Edit:  Also I just now noticed the EU symbol behind Jerzy Buzek. The eye with the top yellow bar as the upper lid, the stars as the iris and the bottom yellow line as the bottom eyelid. Why am I not surprised?


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