For Dust Thou Art, and Unto Dust Shalt Thou Return

Genesis 3:19

Most people charge Christians to believe in God even if they are bound for Hell. Let me say this plainly:


If he finds me wanting, then let his justice come down upon me as is fitting in His eyes.

By all accounts (And by the Bible) All mankind should be bound for Hell. It was only through the sacrifice of his only Son Jesus that we are allowed our redemption.

No matter if a man commits a thousand good acts, he cannot gain entrance to the pearly gates. Yet this nettles at mankind’s pride. The humans that I have witnessed, refuse to believe that they do not merit Heaven. And so they join the conspiracy to build their own. For Dust thou art…

How can I ascertain the workings of God? Shall I call up unto Him and ask for clarification? Who am I to question His work?




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