Satanist philosophy & ritual abuse

If you don’t know much about Satanic ritual abuse and killings then count yourself as fortunate because there is a whole underworld dedicated to buying, selling and kidnapping children for this purpose.

Moreover, these people abuse their own children for the sake of their religion and their belief system.  You have seen how these barbaric values have been depicted in popular movies like 300, where children are cast to the wolves and defective babies were thrown out like so much refuse. This is their pagan legacy, where only the strong survive and the rest must either perish or suffer. They delight in cruelty and use every opportunity as  a means to inflict pain or wage war upon their “enemy” or each other.

This video by IORIXS  is by far the best representation of a ritual abuse survivor that I have seen. His accounts are chilling and it is likely that he has survived his ordeal  purely through God’s grace.

The accounts of how they abuse children will leave you staggered. And if this is not enough consider how they use people as weapons… They use women as sexual weapons, violence and rape as tools for their dominance. They even use CHILDREN as tools to inflict pain on those who do not conform to their philosophy. I say again, they use children to inflict mental torture upon others. They have no scruples and no shame.

They also fulfill prophecy, for they use their own family members as tools against their own family and against those who will not succumb and conform to their values. In other words: Matthew 10 : 34-36

“a man against his father,
   a daughter against her mother,
a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law—
   36 a man’s enemies will be the members of his own household.”

God himself must come and judge them because their crimes cannot be counted by any man. May He have mercy upon their souls.


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