John 13:16

John 13:16

I tell you the truth, no servant is greater than his master, nor is a messenger greater than the one who sent him.

The massive size of the conspiracy aimed against the human race is staggering. it defies comprehension.

So how can we fight against Satan? The bad news is that we can’t.

The Good news is that WE DO NOT HAVE TO, because Christ already has won that battle for us.

Only through prayer can we overcome our temptations. Only though God’s grace can we overcome evil.

In other words, we can win through faith and humility: Faith to believe in God’s promise and the humility to kneel before him and ask Him for help.

Yet this is precisely what Satan / lucifer and the illuminati / NWO do not want. They know that man cannot survive alone. To precipitate this they wish man to have no recourse unto God. To have no faith. To have no hope. A hopeless creature is an enslaved creature.

You will see a greater rise in atheism (it has already begun).  As well as an attack on organized religion. They blame belief in God as the root of all violence and wars when it is their careful manipulation of mankind that is the true cause.

And on this note let me add they never wish man to rise up beyond his carnal urges. To rise beyond his need for sleep, sustenance and procreation. They continually espouse the rhetoric that “Mankind cannot go against his nature” and yet they refuse to acknowledge that GOD can.

They leave out the most important part of GOD in their equation (the real and everliving God at any rate). They choose to make themselves God. Through that pride and arrogance the real God is cut off from the lives of humanity by it’s own hands, dooming them in the process.

We have to keep our faith in God and strengthen our hope in His mercy. No matter how many times we are bludgeoned by the world for being his faithful servants (Who one day aspire to be his true friends) we must keep our faith in Him.

Or else we risk our souls to the eternal pit.

Lord God Jesus Christ, please forgive my sins for I am grateful for your love and mercy.


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