I was going to make a post about “What I am thankful for”. Exercise being the first thing that came to mind ; I quickly changed mental gears and thought how self-centered this national eating pastime had become.

I then considered writing about the homeless and how everyone should take their Thanksgiving meal leftovers (or a portion before their feast) and donate it to their nearest shelter. This too I realized was still centered on the world and the physical incarnation of our existence. A noble endeavor to be sure, but ultimately a futile one. Why?

Because JESUS CHRIST talked about the world of SPIRIT. That is to say, the Holy spirit. He was not focused on the world or it’s problems. He was (and is, Glory be to his name Hallelujah forever) a King, but NOT of this world. You see what I’m saying here?

So the TRUE gift of this thanksgiving is FAITH. Faith my friends. it is in such short supply on this present earth. Everything around us is controlled. The FDA, FEMA, foreign policy and the military industrial complex are all symptoms of the same beast: the New World order.

Not to start a diatribe on the NWO, but clearly when faced against this massive hydra we are forced to look down upon ourselves and recognize our helplessness. It is almost as if there is a pressing hulk of a monster turning down upon us yelling in our ears “YOU CAN DO NOTHING. THERE IS NO GOD! HOW ELSE CAN I DO THESE THINGS TO YOU THEREOF.”

This is where we must pray! We must get down on our knees in humble supplication to the Lord and ask for both forgiveness and for the gift of faith. Yes, faith is a gift but we can ASK FOR IT!

So this thanksgiving I give thanks for the gift of Faith, and so should you.

Don’t settle for “life”.


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