Béatha Uwazaninka

Holocaust survivor Arek Hersh and Rwandan Beatha Uwazaninka-Smith

Holocaust survivor Arek Hersh and Rwandan Beatha Uwazaninka-Smith


Yesterday I saw this woman on the Tim Shaw show ( presumably from a BBC broadcast in England). She was strikingly beautiful and I would hazard to say regal in her poise and disposition. Hooked at once by her physical presence, I began to listen to her story.

She was a survivor of the genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda. What first struck me was how easily and calmly she began relating the horrors that had befallen her. While I do not wish to recount her terrible torture, ( you can hear them yourself at http://www.genocidearchiverwanda.org.rw/index.php?title=Kmc00090/kmc00090_vid1.mp4 ) I do wish to give my thoughts on it as it relates to the present state of the world and the conspiracies facing before us.

First it seems to me that the genocide was methodical and *planned*. Yes planned. She stated herself that the Hutu tribes had been given machetes 4 YEARS before the date of the first massacre and killings. Dwell on that for a moment: four years. How could this be possible if it had not been planned well in advance?

It strikes me to be very much within the mindset of the NWO and their “social experiments” to commit these atrocities. They perform these experiments on a local scale, usually in some third world country to see the effects and how the results turn out for future use. There are numerous examples, the holocaust being the most famous. The reason why is very simple : The Georgia guide-stones. Do your research and see how they plan to bring the WORLD population down to just 500 million. That means BILLIONS must be killed in one way or another to reach this goal.

Also I was amazed on how she, and those around her, came to accept the horrors of their everyday lives as commonplace. How did it go from playing in the street with her friends to seeing grown adults and children floating dead downstream in the river by the hundreds (or thousands).

Gradually I would say. My battle with obesity has taught me one thing. You blind yourself to what is happening to you until one day you wake up and realize “Oh my God, how did I get this fat?”. You shuffle off to your photo albums in a frenzy trying to recall your former weight and in a panic your force yourself to look at mirror for the first time in years until you cry in abject desperation.

Gradually the Tutsis, according to Mrs Uwazaninka-Smith, said to themselves “This cannot happen to me. These people, my neighbors, will not try to kill *ME*”. And yet after their denial they were targeted just like all the rest.

She related how she began to shut down emotionally and mentally block out some of the images being displayed before her as a mental defense mechanism. That in and of itself reminded me of the suffering imposed on the children and adults of satanic rituals. The similarities between the two, and between the Rwandan genocides and the NAZI policies of  “ethnic hygiene” are extraordinary. Hutus looked up to Hitler to the point of having swastikas tattooed on their bodies.

The long and short of this entry is this: Genocide and “ethnic cleansing” seems to have become very nearly an art form. The question we must ask ourselves as Christians, as Muslims or as any other religion that the NWO has targeted is this:



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